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Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law


As a Criminal Defence Lawyer and former senior Police Officer Tony Bone provides expert legal advice in all aspects of Criminal Law at Sheriff Summary and Solemn Level as well as in the High Court. He has conducted numerous trials in courts across Scotland and has extensive experience in all aspects of Scots laws. He has combined his practical policing experience with legal representation to provide a really unique service.

Domestic Abuse/Violence


We have vast experience dealing with this important area of law which has become more prevalent in recent times. As a high priority for Police Scotland, you may be subject to immediate interview and detention, leading to an appearance at court from custody. It is of vital importance that you are given specialist advice. Our Family Law expertise enables a full-service approach.

Road Traffic Law Advice


We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of road traffic cases ranging from speeding  cases to more complex areas such as drink/drug driving. After a road accident, drivers can find themselves on the verge of disqualification or at wrong end of totting-up procedures and therefore its of vital importance that you get the right advice as early as possible. It is important that you instruct a Solicitor with the right skills and experience to defend you in court.

Divorce and Separation 

Divorce and/or Separation can be a traumatic experience for the whole family. However, with the right legal and financial advice your life can be made a lot easier. Where children are involved a shared care agreement for any children between parents is important however on occasion you may need the assistance of the courts to grant a specific order. 

Police Station Interviews


Having previously operated as a Detective Officer for many years Tony Bone conducted numerous interviews of suspects and witnesses on an almost daily basis for a long number of years. The introduction of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 means that it is vitally important that you understand your legal position and to seek expert/specialist advice from Tony as quickly as possible and certainly before agreeing to speak to the police.

Non-Harassment Orders and Interdicts
Experience has shown us that Divorce and Separation can become quite acrimonious and may require application to the courts for a Non-Harassment Order or an Interdict to prevent any unwanted approaches from an estranged spouse or partner. These can be complex processes that require expert legal advice from experienced Family Law Solicitors. 
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