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Interdicts and Non-Harssment Orders Legal Advice

There may be occasions in any marriage or relationship breakdown when you will require legal advice regarding an Interdict (or Interim Interdict) and/or a Non-Harassment Order. You may also be experiencing some form of Domestic Abuse which may be physical violence but can also be emotional, psychological or even financial or coercive abuse. 

That's when it is very important that you seek the best legal advice about all options and the availability of court orders to protect you and your family

Not all cases are the same and therefore you need to find the right lawyer who will focus on ensuring that your needs are addressed above all else. We have experienced Lawyers who can advise on all aspects of the Law including, if necessary, applying for Court Orders such as an Interdict or an Exclusion Order.

However, without appropriate financial advice, you may find yourself being short-changed therefore you require expert legal advice with regards Financial Provision and Aliment (or Spousal Maintenance). You should also be aware that Child Maintenance payments from your spouse are a statutory requirement. 

We can advise in all aspects of Family Law and guide you through every step of process. We can also provide you with an up-front and competitive quote for our professional legal services. 

In terms of costs, if you do not qualify for legal aid, then we generally provide you with a fixed cost for our legal services on a private fee basis. Fees are driven by the particular circumstances of your case, however, in general terms, we charge an hourly rate of £175.00. We always charge on a fair and reasonable basis.

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