Domestic Abuse Laws

We at Tony Bone Legal Solicitors are in a position to provide expert advice on all aspects of domestic abuse/violence-related cases. With extensive police and social work experience we are able to advise clients in respect of criminal and civil processes.


Whether you are seeking legal advice on separation or divorce we can help with all aspects of the process. You may also require to apply to the court for an Interdict or a Non-Harassment Order to protect you and your family from an abusive partner. Occasionally you may also require to seek an Exclusion Order from the court where an abusive partner refuses to leave the family home. 


​In recent times the legislation around Domestic Violence has changed significantly and some clients may find themselves charged with a criminal offence. For example the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) act 2018 introduces an offence of both Physical and/or Pyschological harm; quite often referred to as 'Gas-lighting'. 

This area of the law is a high priority for police forces and the likelihood is that if you are arrested that you will be held in custody for the court. Therefore it is of vital importance that you seek expert legal advice as quickly as possible. 

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