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Road Traffic Law

Tony Bone Legal Solicitors are experts in defending a whole range of road traffic offences from speeding to drink/drug driving and careless or dangerous driving. The earlier you contact us the better and therefore we offer a free 24/7 telephone service. We are able to accept instructions on a private basis or alternatively we also grant legal aid. 

  • Careless Driving

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Drink or Drug Driving

  • Driving without Insurance or MOT

  • Speeding

  • Driving whilst using mobile phone

  • Road Traffic Accidents

Losing your licence can have a big impact on your personal and professional life. For most of us keeping our driving licence can be vital to our livelihood. Totting-up is when you accumulate a number of points on your licence leading to disqualification. However, that doesn't always mean that you should automatically lose your licence. 

On many occasions we may be able to save your licence by conducting a Special Reasons Proof or an Exceptional Hardship Proof which may ultimately keep you driving on the road. When done properly, such Proofs require a great deal of preparation and expert advocacy and important that you ask for our advice as early as possible.

In terms of costs, if you do not qualify for legal aid, then we generally provide you with a fixed cost for our legal services on a private fee basis. Fees are driven by the particular circumstances of your case, however, in general terms, we charge an hourly rate of £175.00. We always charge on a fair and reasonable basis.

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